From left to right : Adeel , Raheel Ahmad and Danish Mahmood

Danish Mahmood, Sannaullah Khan Qureshi and Raheel Ahmed are the three musketeers affected by deep love of adventure and nature. Every year at least we three skip a few days from this world’s hold to explore the depths of our love, our northern Pakistan, where adventure and nature is limitless. Besides these three musketeers, there are many fellows who accompany in exploring our love; Adnan Ahmed and Usman are two savaged souls who are ready for any kind of activity around the year. Their material help and presence can forget every problem during the voyage of exploring our love, our northern Pakistan.

No, DESTINY is not a name of group. It is not a personal or private club. It is simple DESTINY any one who has proven deep love of nature, wild and beauty can be a part of destiny.

Mainly our activities are two times per year; one in winters and one in summer, in between there may be or may not.

Normally people hide their love; we are the lovers who wish every one to know about our love. We are here to guide up to our level best just to show the hidden regions spread all where. We are here to help you organize your own trip without paying huge amounts to tour agencies. We are here to give primary and initial information about your trip. But in reply we need only one favor. Please… please don’t litter, respect and preserve nature for our upcoming generations…….

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