Broghil and Wakhan Region Up To Karomber Lake

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Broghil and Wakhan Region Up To Karomber Lake:
start up from islamabad to chitral to baroghil (Iskarwaaz check post) to lashkar gaaz to irgat maidain to Rabat to karomber lake.

We started from islamabad to chitral direct==== bad luck,, bus took us to chitral in 17 hours inspite of 12hours.
2nd bad luck…. it was shandoor festival time,, every body/ jeep was towards shandoor … no 4X4 available for broghil.. and jo milli that cost half lack ruppee that another day wasted in chitral.

third day we succeeded in finding a local jeep that will took us to yarkhun lasht and from there we have to book it again. bad luck.. we did this track in 26 hours which actually is of 10 hours… forcefully we had to stayed a night at mastooj (jeep tyres were in miserable condition. they got puncture after every km.)

from yarkhun lasht, we got another jeep and reached iskerwaaz in time….
our trek starts…

day 1- iskerwaaz — darwaza pass region– lashkargaz– irgat maidan====long trek 10 hours… camp at irgat maidan
(we had wasted alot of days in way… so we took horsed so that we can cover two days trek in one day. )
day 2- irgat maidan — margaij– rabat– lala rabat–karomber——- irgat maidan. 10 hours horse riding… long way……
day3- irgat maidan to lashkargaz to iskarwaaz…. 6 hours trek easy trekking day.

and than lets wait for any jeep to come at check post that can take us back to chitral or mastooj….. its a long story… and slowly i will narrate it with snaps…

This video covers up to iskarwaz check post from Islamabad.

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